VDH-Zucht von Langhaar-Collies und Welsh Corgis Pembroke

Cesar’s Palace, zobel-weisser Rüde
Charming Chap, zobel-weisser Rüde
Chivas Regal, d’zobel-weisser Rüde
Cream Cracker, d’zobel-weisser Rüde
Copper Shanty, d’zobel-weisse Hündin
I Haven’t a Cent (Franzi), d’zobel-weisse Hündin



Vater: Ch Xotic Lover of Slatestone
Mutter: Dt JCh Mae West vom Old Tom


Ch Xotic Lover of Slatestone

Ch Riding’s Deep in my Heart

Timeless Twilight Fame or Fortune

Riding’s Red Riding Hood

Unchain my Heart of Slatestone

Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar

Ch Romantic Dream of Slatestone

Mae West vom Old Tom

Ch Sir Henry v Belvedere

Ch Silvermoore’s Highland Chief

Sweet Return of Lynway

Ch Tapsy Turvy v Old Tom

Ch Old Golden Gates Arresting Mind

Caledonian Jetty Jade




























































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